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Since 2004 the autinity systems GmbH has established on the industrial market in the field of condition monitoring of machines and plants. Our CMS software has been constantly evolving. Visualizations in the CMS can help you to capture the current status of a system to deal with this quickly and depending on the data.

In the following you receive information to the usual procedure of order processing in CMS.

1. From machine data recording to CMS

At the beginning of each collaboration our customers often ask for a simple application. For example, they want only viewing and saving the machine data. At this time, the quality of the recorded data is in the focus. For example, it is checked if desired values are consistent with actual values. This allow you resolve any discrepancies in its records.

1st illustration: general survey

2. Data recording

Afterwards, our customers need tools to evaluate and use the recorded and stored data. The recorded data (conditions) have to be set in relation for the monitoring of the machine.  
E.g. it is possible to achieve an improvement in machine efficiency. Our experience is that the data should be recorded a time that is in reasonable for the business objective.

2nd illustration: vibration data recording

3. Operating interface

In the following the actual user interface of the condition monitoring system is created to obtain an overview of the recorded data.

A flexible data recording tool becomes more important because of different requirements of data potential, technology and the expertise of the users.

For this reason, the condition monitoring system should be web based and configurable in the simplest way.

3rd illustration: operating interface of autinityCMS

4. Data security

Next the system shall be inserted to many of your end users. This means a growing importance of safety requirements. The standard equipment used at software solutions of autinity systems are VPN connections. This standard you have to extend so that no options are available, without authorization, and especially during the machine is running. At the same time data is constantly needed by the running machine.

4th illustration: VPN data security

5. Data selection

After the system is running, you have to prepare interesting for your customers. The goal is, after all, a profit center. Now considerations regarding the "Key Performance Indicators" (KIP) are needed.

The machine, vibration and process data needs to be selected in a way that only data will be recorded which are important for monitoring and increase the efficiency. The central question is what information are important and interesting to your end customers.


6. Visualization

At the end of the data recording and analysis, the visualization options for you and your customers are in the focus. This allows you to prepare complex relationships and production processes quickly and easily. You do not create just selling points, you also can offer a comprehensive consultancy service.

5th illustration: visualization tablet


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